The Dark Corner (1946)

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The Dark Corner (1946)
Opis: New York City based private investigator Bradford Galt believes that he's being followed by a man in a white suit. Brad learns directly from the white suited figure that the person who hired him to follow Brad is Tony Jardine, Brad's old business partner from San Francisco. Tony, too, has relocated to New York City, and works for and is a social acquaintance of Hardy Cathcart, a wealthy art gallery owner and art collector. Brad and Tony's business partnership ended because Tony was blackmailing clients, and other actions on Tony's part resulted in Brad being charged with vehicular manslaughter. Brad has no idea why Tony has had him followed, but he believes that Tony wants him dead. But as Brad tries to figure out exactly what Tony wants, Brad becomes implicated in a murder. Following the murder, he begins to realize that there was something not quite right about how he found out that the man in the white suit was following him. The tables are turned when Brad tries to find the man in the white suit to uncover what's going on. Through this entire ordeal, Kathleen Stewart, Brad's secretary, is by his side, the two who have a mutual attraction to each other. Despite words from Brad for her to leave to protect herself, Kathleen stands steadfastly by her man.—Huggo
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