The Face of Anonymous (2021)

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The Face of Anonymous (2021)
Opis: A profile of Christopher Doyon, better known as Commander X of the hacker group Anonymous, is presented through interviews with those associated to him in one form or another, as well as interviews directly with him. Topics covered in the profile include how he became interested in computers in general, he generally being a proverbial hippie, how he became acquainted with Anonymous and he joining the group despite their differences not only in values but goals as an organization, Anonymous' more high profile work which attracted the attention and ire of the FBI, his more public efforts despite it being somewhat no longer anonymous, and how he now views his status in light of the FBI. While he has his own views, others may have differing ones about him, even those "on his side". An epilogue of sorts is shown in terms of his current activities in the most pressing aspect of his life and how others see what he is attempting to do again in light of the FBI and general law enforcement in the US. The question posed is if he is purely a hacktivist i.e. an online hacker version equivalent to a person standing on a street corner carrying a protest sign, or as the FBI and others especially on the establishment side posit a cyberterrorist carrying out illegal and dangerous activities.—Huggo
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