The Fantastic Journey of Margot & Marguerite (2020)

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The Fantastic Journey of Margot & Marguerite (2020)
Opis: Marguerite (Lila Gueneau), a 13-year-old teenager living in 1942, slips into a so-called "magical" trunk and finds herself face to face with Margot (Lila Gueneau), another teenager of the same age living in 2019. The two young girls will exchange places; Marguerite will try to find what has become of her missing father, and will ask her new friend Nathan (Nils Othenin-Girard) for help, while Margot will try to return to her time. Alice (Alice Pol), Marguerite's aunt, will understand where Margot comes from and will decide together to find Marguerite's father in order to cancel this temporal spell. Alice will take the opportunity to ask for information on World War II and life in the future. In the present, Margot's stepfather (Clovis Cornillac) suspects nothing and does not understand the situation.—Aziz
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