The Furies (2016)

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The Furies (2016)
Opis: Marga, a 65 years-old woman, decides to sale the family country house in order to get the money to retire and travel with Julia, her young girlfriend. Noticing it to the family, all them reunite in the house to distribute the household goods: three sons of Marga, Casandra (a radio announcer) and her husband Gus, Héctor (a wealthy businessman) and his incoming wife Ana, and Aquilles "Aki" (an unsuccessful actor) who lives in the country house writing his autobiography. The reunion completes with Julia (disguised as Marga's assistant), Leo (an old famous actor with dementia and Marga's ex-husband, father of Casandra, Héctor and Aki), and María (Casandra and Gus' daughter), a teenager girl trying to overcome her early schizo. Meanwhile Marga tries to find the way to announce her relationship with Julia to her family, Julia tries to save her marriage after Gus discovered a love affair of her, Héctor and Ana face their wedding with a terrible secret that only they know, and Aki feels attracted with Julia, trying to flirt with her. But the true problem is María, which obsession by the Furies (three vengeful women of the Greek mythology) threatens not only to destroy her state-mind, but destroying her beloved family revealing publicly all the things that all don't want to say... —Chockys
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