The German Friend (2012)

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The German Friend (2012)
Opis: In mid-1950s Argentina, Sulamit is the daughter of German-Jewish refugees and Friedrich is the son of German-Nazi refugees; the two are close friends as time goes by between the fall of Peron's government in 1955 and the years of prison, torture, and death in Argentina from 1976 to 1983. They grow up and go to Germany, and both get involved in the political struggles of 1968 and Friedrich, who always rejected his father's Nazi past, becomes a left-winged militant and decides to go back to Argentina to fight against the Military Government. Sulamit's love for Friedrich survives all these years, though he dedicates more time to his political commitments than to his personal feelings. But those two are destined to get together after all these years of separation and disagreements, because their love is more powerful than anything else.—Jecosta, Montevideo, Uruguay
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