The Giant Killer (2017)

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The Giant Killer (2017)
Opis: Miami police officer, David Yuzuk, befriends a tiny homeless man and after 15 years of friendship the man, Richard J. Flaherty, finally reveals who he really is. Yuzuk is shocked to learn that his 4 foot 9 inch tall, 95 pound friend claims to be the smallest man to ever have served in the U.S. military. While serving in the Army, Flaherty states that he rose to the rank of Captain in the Green Berets and was awarded the Silver Star, 2 Bronze Stars, and 2 Purple Hearts for his bravery in Vietnam and Thailand. Yuzuk is intrigued by his friends, "tall tale" however as an investigator he still wants to check up on the facts. Flaherty agrees to provide some documentation and newspaper articles but warns Yuzuk not to look into an undercover operation Flaherty worked in the '80s with federal agents. Flaherty describes the entire case to Yuzuk and ends his sermon with a dour warning "Dave, if you look into the case it could be real bad for your career and bad for my health." Yuzuk is compelled to check into Flaherty's entire story and despite the warning, within days he tracks down the now retired Federal Agent Fred Gleffe. Gleffe confirms to Yuzuk that everything Flaherty told him was accurate. Gleffe however is slightly skeptical to the idea that after 30 years there would still be people willing to cause harm to anyone who brought back up the case. Only six hours after that phone call to Gleffe, Flaherty is killed by a hit and run driver in on the streets of Miami. Yuzuk is now compelled to go on a quest to learn everything about his friends mysterious life and death. As Yuzuk goes deeper into the rabbit hole of Richard Flaherty's life, the truth starts becoming stranger then fiction.—David Yuzuk
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