The Idiot (1951)

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The Idiot (1951)
Opis: Kinji Kameda, a war veteran, was almost executed in a military process, that was until a last minute reprieve found him innocent of the charge. The resulting turmoil, spent in a VA hospital, led to him suffering mentally, he now clinically deemed an idiot. The military having declared him legally dead in the ensuing time makes him open to abuse by anyone who wants to take advantage of him. While outwardly he seems an odd man to most, some can see below the surface to his wisdom and humanity. With nothing, he heads to Sapporo where his only contact to the outside world, Mr. Ono, will help him get back on his feet. En route, he befriends Denkichi Akama, a proverbial redneck who knows a certain darkness hangs over him. Akama went away to earn enough money to marry Taeko Nasu, a woman of ill-repute having lived her entire life the kept woman of older wealthy Mr. Tohata. Taeko is now an inconvenience in Tohata's life, and as such he has offered a substantial dowry to any man willing to take her off his hands. The man stepping forward is Mr. Ono's associate, Mutsuo Kayama, who truly loves Ono's daughter, Ayako, a straight-forward woman not one to suffer fools. Kayama vows that he will still marry Ayako if she makes the simple request to him not to marry Taeko. Upon his arrival in Sapporo, Kameda begins to fall in love with Ayako himself, while on their chance meeting, a deep emotional bond forms, which some construe as the truest of love, between Kameda and Taeko in each understanding the other's sadness. That bond does not sit well with Akama, who is more prone to violence than to peace and happiness. This situation becomes more complex as some try to do what is best for him/herself, while others want what is best for others, this potent mix which may lead to tragic consequences.
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