The Killing Secret (2018)

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The Killing Secret (2018)
Opis: After Daniel's A&R career came to an unexpected end at one of the top music companies in the industry, he began to work for his wife Brenda's family loan firm. It was not long before he became irrelevant in her shadow and a pawn in the game of her wealth. He no longer has the freedom he had grown accustomed to, and has no means to achieve his dream of starting his own music company. During this time of misery, Daniel meets a beautiful young singer named Rachel. He begins a passionate affair with her, but finds himself succumbing to the pressure of living two lives and desperately wants a way out. Daniel knows that he cannot leave Brenda for Rachel and have the capital necessary to launch his music company. As Daniel's relationships with Brenda and Rachel become more strained, Brenda mysteriously dies of a heart attack. It appears Daniel's problem has resolved itself, until strange things start to happen around the house. Anonymous phone calls, harrowing hallucinations, and the guilt of his infidelity and betrayal cause Daniel to believe he is losing his mind. Is Daniel being framed or is someone seeking justice for Brenda's sudden and inexplicable death? Now, as the lines between reality and insanity begin to blur, Daniel may be hiding a secret that could be the answer as well as the end to everything. A secret that no one knows the danger of, this secret might be "The Killing Secret".—Sheena Herod / Melissa Smith
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