The Land Within (2022)

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The Land Within (2022)
Opis: Winter 2008: after 10 years of exile in Switzerland, Remo, an adopted boy, is recalled to his native Kosovo by his cousin Una. She needs his help: they have to identify the exhumed bodies from a mass grave in their childhood village. During the excruciating identification process, Remo rediscovers the lost paradise of his childhood: a ghost town torn apart by war. The cousins try to make up for the time lost but the war's scars stand like a barrage between them. Una resents Remo for having left them and Remo blames Una's father for forcing him into exile. After the bodies of their family have been dug out up one by one, one body is missing. This missing relative raises suspicions from Una and Remo who will discover the horrific secret at the root of Remo's adoption into the family.—Alva Film
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