The Law and Jake Wade (1958)

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The Law and Jake Wade (1958)
Opis: It's the post-Civil War era. Jake Wade (Robert Taylor) has just broken his former partner, outlaw Clint Hollister (Richard Widmark), out of jail, he awaiting a death sentence, Jake's action in repaying a debt as Clint did the same for Jake after their last crime, a bank robbery over a year ago. Jake never wants to see Clint again as, after an incident with that robbery, Jake decided to go straight and is now a US Marshal. However, Clint, who has amassed a new gang, including Ortero (Robert Middleton), one from their old group, is able to track down Jake in order to get what he believes his rightfully his, namely the $20,000 from that bank robbery which Jake mentioned he buried somewhere in order to have it out of his life. In order to ensure Jake does what he says, he and this gang not only tie Jake's hands together so that he cannot escape, but he has kidnapped Jake's fiancée Peggy, who had no idea of Jake's history before they knew each other and who is to accompany the group to the burial site. While what happens is affected by the group dynamic as well as external factors such as who they meet on their trek, what may ultimately play the biggest factor is the strength of character between Jake and Clint, regardless of if that character is good or bad.—Huggo
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