The Meaning and Mystery of Life (2023)

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The Meaning and Mystery of Life (2023)
Opis: A film that combines live action, animation and insights from spiritual leaders from all over the world opens up a different view of the world and our lives, both in trifles and in seemingly great things. The modern world, which relies mainly on consumption, money and power, seldom offers a deeper look into the essence of life. These addictions control us and offer an endless carousel of emotions. Looking at the world from another, for many unfamiliar angle, can be a mind opening experience which is the movie's main purpose. The story follows Max (Jan Budar) through his incarnation as a modern man struggling to understand the meaning of life and how to go about living it properly. His search for meaning and his personal dilemmas reflect the struggles of an regular guy who strives for balance in his relationships and his spiritual path. The Bumblebee becomes his and our guide through Jan's journey and the turmoils of lives - past, present and future. The film features excerpts from interviews with a wide range of well and less known spiritual and philosophical leaders from all around the world, including Deepak Chopra, Mabel Katz, Dan Millman, Lorna Byrne, Don Miguel Ruiz and many others, sharing their own views on the topics of life struggles and meaning behind things.
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