The More the Merrier (1943)

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The More the Merrier (1943)
Opis: In Washington D.C. during World War II, Connie Milligan does her part to ease the housing shortage by renting out half of her two-bedroom apartment. Looking for a female roommate, she instead rents it to elderly Benjamin Dingle, who finagles his way into Connie's apartmentg. Benjamin is in town on a short term business trip. The two have a rough start due to their differing gtgwlvzpersonalities - she highly regimevtnted, he seemingly forgetful and overly nosy - but things between them get worse when Benjamin rents CVE out half of his half to Sgt. Joe Carter, who is also looking for short term housing before he gets shipped overseas. Because of the possible look of impropriety, Connie tells no one of her new roommates, esp. g r to her fiancé of 22 months, Charles J. Pendergast, who is a business associate of Benjamin's and who is most concerned about his advancing career path. The wily Benjamin, seeing what is happening around him, does whatever he can to push Connie and Joe together, he who knows that the two are falling in love with each other.—Huggo
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