The Murder of Sandra Rivett (2024)

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The Murder of Sandra Rivett (2024)
Opis: From the producers of award-winning documentary The Murder of Meredith comes a new special that shines a light on another forgotten victim, that of the infamous Lord Lucan. In 1974, an aristocratic household was at war in London with Lord and Lady Lucan at loggerheads over the custody of their children. While recently employed nanny, Sandra Rivett managed to bring some calm to the chaotic household and find a kindred spirit in her employer, Veronica, Countess of Lucan - Sandra had no idea her world was about to come crashing down in a crime that has fascinated generations for 50 years. Promising to explore the misogyny engrained in the social history of the time, The Murder of Sandra Rivett tells the story from the aspect of two women who were polar opposites in terms of class but whose lives ran a parallel, battling mental health, marriage and motherhood before their paths crossed for a brief interlude of happiness. With varying theories of what actually happened on the night that Sandra was killed, including a first-hand account of life in the Lucan household from the family's former nanny, The Murder of Sandra Rivett also highlights how differently the scandal would have been resolved had it occurred today.
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