The Perfect Assistant (2008)

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The Perfect Assistant (2008)
Opis: RACHEL (Josie Davis), 30, is the perfect assistant to her boss DAVID (Chris Potter), 42. For the past three years, she's done everything in her power to help David manage everything that comes with running a boutique advertising agency. The problem is... she's fallen hopelessly in love with him in the process. She's never acted on her feelings because David is married to a beautiful woman named CAROL, 38, and has a young daughter, ISABELLE, 7. But when Carol contracts encephalitis, an impatient Rachel begins to feel that maybe this is her chance to show David that she should be the one he comes home to every night. Rachel does her best to help David through his wife's illness, gets closer to his daughter, and even orchestrates situations where she can be alone with him. David welcomes her help, unknowingly fostering a growing obsession in Rachel that will ultimately end in disaster when she finds out he doesn't feel the same way...
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