The Quantum Devil (2023)

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The Quantum Devil (2023)
Opis: The Quantum Devil is a fitting title for what we get to watch here, as four exceptional graduates of quantum science are invited by a controversial host, to earn a record pay of $ 500000,- each, for helping him successfully finish an experiment to travel into another dimension. Arrival at the mansion of their host already makes them realize something is odd, may be afoot. Then, their host is called away, leaving the four guests legitimated to start the experiment without him. The call being a ruse, as the host, Cervovich Senior, actually decides to use a different machine, allowing him to supervise the four candidates without them being aware of it. The team successfully creates a quantum drift, but weird coincidences make that seem a flawed success, as some sense of menace remains persistently. Finally, the team realizes that they are in trouble, as one by one they get murdered, until only one candidate still is left alive. Deluded, that he can ignore the diabolical aka homicidal antagonists and just flee back to 'reality', he is blocked from that option by the host proving to have quite some power to alter that quantum pocket dimension they are stuck in. In a final showdown, the host wins by cheating, returning to the real world to supervise similar experiments that did not go that well. The former four candidates are left behind, as if ghosts (trapped in that quantum dimension).—Andre Michael Pietroschek
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