The Rodriguez and the Beyond (2019)

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The Rodriguez and the Beyond (2019)
Opis: City of Madrid, Madrid (center to Spain). The Rodríguez is a too-much-normal family composed by the father, Rodrigo, a former banker reconverted in store worker from a franchise of repairs named Van Vatio; the mother, Cristina, a Mexican woman who works as therapist and psychologist; the older daughter, Alejandra, who is dating with arrogant and paid of himself Bosco; the younger daughter, Gabriela, an outside and outlandish girl who a strange bird doll as pet; and finally the middle son, Nico, a super-intelligent boy who tries to hide it to the family. After a visit of Rodrigo's aging mother Isabel in a senior living community, Isabel talks in secret with Nico, giving a package to open with he be 15 years old, but unable to await and implying his best friend Edu, Nico discovers an old VHS tape with a message from his dead grandfather about a box buried in the garden. Digging he finds the box and opens, finding the crank of the old refrigerator. Putting on its place, Nico unleashes the impossible when a man named Félix appears on the house and takes the family across of a dimensional portal to another world named Maktub. There, Sra. Presidenta explains the family that Rodrigo's father was really a Maktub's agent who in 1951 he was on mission to catch criminals that flee Earth, but he remained on planet Earth after he fell in love with Isabel, but forcing Maktub to be stuck in the 1951's look after he left a secret portal open to back Maktub if it was necessary. While Félix and the scientists as Pilar tries to find the portal to close, Félix and the family returns to planet Earth with a bracelets that change of color according people suspects about Rodriguez's identity (white, green and blue), under threat that if bracelets turns red, all them will be deported Maktub immediately. However, troubles increase progressively: the open portal causes that Alejandra turns in a girl with super-strength at the same time she suspects that Bosco is unfaithful her with their classmate Bea, and that a young neighbor named Jacobo feels attracted to her; Gabriela learns to be invisible, causing all kind of mess around her; Isabel floats as a balloon, and Rodrigo turns on his head and butt as a light bulb when he is angry. For more complications, Cristina's new client results to be Minister of Finances Pedro Solas, with a crisis of anxiety; Edu and Nico miss suddenly, forcing Cristina to talk with Ricardo and Natalia, the repulsive and conceited upper-class Edu's parents, to leave Edu in her home to pass the night together with Nico hoping they come back; Rodrigo's bosses appear by Van Vatio to supervise the business; and Félix is by error sent to Maktub after he's shot with a special gun, causing that a replace named J.J. cross the portal to help the family, not knowing that in true J.J. is a double-agent who works for Rugen Zelig, a dangerous criminal looking for revenge of Agente Rodríguez and his family.—Chockys
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