The Strawberry Statement (1970)

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The Strawberry Statement (1970)
Opis: Twenty-year-old Simon is a student at a university located in San Francisco, he being on the university's rowing team his way of fitting in. More on a lark in truly being non-political, he attends a student sit-in at the office of the university's President, a protest against what they see as the university's inherently anti-black and pro-war actions. He decides to continue his association with the protesters more as a way to meet girls, or more specifically get to know Linda, one of the protesters with whom he is partnered in certain tasks. As the protests continue, Simon has to decide where his allegiances lie in the seemingly incompatible worlds of the rowing team and the protests, and if his view of the protests change to true commitment like Linda, who may only want to be with whom she sees as someone like herself, or if his commitment is solely to Linda and not to the cause of the protest.
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