The Voice of Dust and Ash (2022)

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The Voice of Dust and Ash (2022)
Opis: When Iran's ayatollah banned music and performances in the entire country, instruments and records became contraband, and artists were exiled, imprisoned, and executed. While the government crushed human rights and self expression, Mohammad Reza Shajarian risked everything to confront the regime, singing truth to power and uniting the country in a chorus of millions strong. His life-long pursuit of equality, free speech, and human rights are immortalized for generations to come, through his majestic, soaring vocals and lyrics. His life story is told through the animated prism of the internationally renowned song, "Morghe Sahar", "Bird of Dawn", performed at the finale of all his concerts and widely considered the Unofficial National Anthem for Iranian Freedom. Directed by first time Iranian American director, Mandana Biscotti, the film is a definitive exploration of Shajarian's music and lyrics which coincide with Iran's watershed moments in history. His story is a microcosm of Iran's history and how it got to where it is today. The film features the original song "DUST and ASH" - with Music and Lyrics by three time Academy Award® nominated composer J. Ralph and performed by J. Ralph and nine time Grammy® winning artist Norah Jones featuring a solo by Mojgan Shajarian, the film subject's daughter.
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