Time for Us to Come Home for Christmas (2020)

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Time for Us to Come Home for Christmas (2020)
Opis: Ben, a Wall Streeter, purchased the Snowfall Inn in Bevington NY in a quest to regain some happiness in life following a breakup, the inn, where he and his family stayed every Christmas since he was a child, the last place he felt truly happy. It's the Christmas season, the first time the inn has had substantial business since he took over, which if it doesn't continue means this move would have failed. It comes to light shortly after their arrival that many guests over the holidays received their prepaid stay at the inn not from who they initially believed but seemingly from the same unknown person for an equally unknown reason, they having no known connection to each other. Recently widowed Jasper, a musician, thought it was a gift from his wife for what was supposed to be their final Christmas together. Recently divorced third grade teacher Karen thought that she had won the vacation in a sweepstakes, timely as this is her first Christmas without her husband whose family with who she would have normally spent the holidays. Los Angeles-based Owen believed the vacation was a gift from his brother who would have known that he was looking for something special to do with his teenage daughter Cassidy in wanting to connect with her in he having joint custody with Cassidy's mother, his now ex-wife. But the most inquisitive of the recipients is Seattle-based lawyer Sarah, who believed the vacation was a gift from her company in knowing that she needed some time for herself as she took family leave to deal with her recently deceased lawyer mother's estate in Brooklyn, which included completing her few unfinished cases. As Sarah goes on a quest to discover who sent the gifts with Ben's help, all the recipients may believe the gifts were fate - especially Sarah and Ben who start to fall for each other in both their times of need - regardless of the original intention of the gift giver. —Huggo
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