Time of Moulting (2020)

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Time of Moulting (2020)
Opis: The still life of a family in 57 pictures. Germany in the 1970ies. Stephanie is an intelligent and lively child. But she leads an isolated life with her parents, marked by the symbiotic bonding with her mentally unstable mother. A mother who has never really left her own childhood behind and who lives amidst things of the past and the memories connected to them. Stephanie's relationship with her father is one of mistrust. The passing years only bring aging, but no future. Unspoken thoughts lurk underneath the surface of everyday life. So Stephanie retreats into a dark world of barbaric fantasies, that are nourished by the traces of the past and only belong to her alone. One day, however, Stephanie's secret invades the family's reality.—Sabrina Mertens
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