Tin & Tina (2023)

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Tin & Tina (2023)
Opis: Spain, 1981. In her wedding day, Lola suffers an internal bleeding and she loses the baby she was expecting. Still worse, she is reported in the hospital that she lost too the capacity to be pregnant. Some months later and while Lola she stills depressed by the tragedy Adolfo, her husband, convinces her to adopt a baby in a convent close to the town. But instead to adopt a baby, Lola decides adopt Tin and Tina, two lovely twin brothers with a talent for music. However, Lola discovers because their rise in the convent that Tin and Tina are frantic religious who interpret Holy Bible verbatim, no considering the consequences. Obssessed with Christ, God and the salvation, their attitude and behavior turns their peaceful family life in a hell full of fear. While an absent-father Adolfo rejects Lola accusations simply as kid stuff, Lola suffers a faint in the New Year's Eve just to realize something impossible: she's pregnant again. Taking it as a miracle, the news make her and Adolfo happy, but Lola becomes obsessive thinking that Tin and Tina would put in danger she and the baby looking for obtain the celestial redemption.—Chockys
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