Trauma to Triumph: Women Entrepreneurs (2020)

Trauma to Triumph: Women Entrepreneurs (2020)
Opis: Trauma to Triumph: Women Entrepreneurs details the traumatic experiences of Cathy Hughes (Racism and Teen Pregnancy), Dana Donofree (Breast Cancer Survivor) and Maria Trusa (Sexual Assault Victim), to show how they used the power of entrepreneurship to overcome their demons. Hughes, the second most powerful African-American woman in media and founder of Urban One, witnessed first-hand the impact of racism on her family from an early age. Despite the hate she received, Hughes began breaking barriers in elementary school by becoming the first black graduate of the prestigious Duchene Academy. At the age of 17, she accidentally became pregnant leading those around her to declare her life "ruined". Instead, she used this challenge to push herself to pursue a life-long dream of radio, eventually building Radio One. At the age of 27, Dana Donofree was living the dream, an accomplished artist and fashion nova, she had the perfect job and was soon to be married. One afternoon tragedy struck as she was suddenly diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer. After successfully beating the disease, she decided to use her talents to create AnaOno, a lingerie and swimwear line for fellow breast cancer survivors. Maria Trusa was born into poverty in the Dominican Republic but remembers her childhood as beautiful. That all changed when at the age of 8 her father left her with a cult leader who brutally assaulted her. After escaping, Maria arrived in the US looking for a fresh start but struggled to learn English and find opportunities. Committing herself to her studies, she eventually overcame these challenges and landed an executive job at a medical firm. When a near-death experience made her question her purpose, she left and built Forme Medical Center, a care facility for the under-served.—Daniel Saulnier
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