Trinil (2024)

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Trinil (2024)
Opis: After their honeymoon, Rara and Sutan are ready to start a new life. Rara assumes the role of sole heir to the largest tea plantation in Central Java, while Sutan returns to being a nurse at the hospital. Rara is sure they can be happy. This belief was disturbed when Rara was crushed. Sutan suddenly felt anxious. Rara assured Sutan that everything would be fine and argued that his sleep had been disturbed because he was tired of taking care of the plantation. For Rara's safety, Sutan asks for help from Yusof, his old school friend who is now known to be capable of handling various mystical cases. At first, Rara rejected Sutan's idea, but when the atmosphere in the house became increasingly tense because of the terror of the ghost of a disembodied head who kept coming while saying 'Trinil, return my body', Rara had no other choice. Who is the ghost of a head without a body? Why did he ask for his body to be returned? And who exactly is Trinil?
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