Valentine in the Vineyard (2019)

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Valentine in the Vineyard (2019)
Opis: Frankie Baldwin and Nate DeLuca have been able to bridge the Baldwin/DeLuca family feud - the families the major players in the grape growing and wine making business in St. Madeleine, California - by not only making a success of Sorrento in their first full season, their winery where Frankie is in charge of the wine making and Nate the grape growing, but by falling in love. In that love, Frankie and Nate, who are opposites in working by intuition and by science respectively, are trying to understand the other better both for professional and personal reasons. Without telling the other, Frankie has gone back to college to take her final course needed to graduate, that class being biochemistry, while Nate and his youngest brother Gabe DeLuca are taking an organic gardening class to understand the art rather than science of gardening. Also in that love, the two get engaged despite the pressures they are facing in just having expanded Sorrento with the upcoming season even more more important in that needed success to pay off their debt. But they learn that they won't be the first two to bridge the Baldwin/DeLuca divide, as her cousin Lexi Moreau and his brother Marco DeLuca announce before Frankie and Nate are able to do so that they too have just gotten engaged, and due to circumstances are planning to get married on Valentine's Day in four weeks. As such, Frankie and Nate decide to postpone the announcement of their engagement until after Valentine's to give Lexi and Marco due time to bask in their impending marriage. But in helping Lexi and Marco plan their wedding, Frankie and Nate may believe that the cosmos are telling them that they are not meant to be together as one personal or professional issue after another seems to dog them.—Huggo
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