Vidas menores (2020)

Vidas menores (2020)
Opis: Through the stories of a group of Moroccan boys who try to get to Europe irregularly, this documentary film makes a portrait of a whole generation of children and youth whose essential goal is to leave Morocco hoping to improve their lives and that of their families. For over a year, the camera accompanies them at different stages and stops of their journeys: from Morocco to Sweden, crossing Spain, France and Germany. During the journey, their circumstances will change and they will find out a very different reality from the one they thought they knew through their social networks. Without a voice-over nor outside opinions or speeches, the narrative axis is built on and evolves around the journey and the testimonies of the heterogeneous group of boys, to which some mother's voices add an essential vision for knowing some of the social codes that feed this diaspora. This way, from a humanist approach and treatment 'Minor lives' explores both the geographical and the inner journey of the protagonists. This approach allows the spectator to have privileged access, without filters, to a perspective not addressed so far of the Moroccan minors who pursue livelihoods in the European continent.
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