Viral: Antisemitism In Four Mutations (2020)

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Viral: Antisemitism In Four Mutations (2020)
Opis: A depiction of modern-day anti-Semitism in four particular countries, which writer-producer-director Andrew Goldberg cites as particular examples of anti-Semitism which is either pursued as official government policy or invoked by major political movements in them:The United States: North Carolina state legislative candidate Andrew Walker, the rise of anti-Semitism as part of white supremacism and "America First" nationalism; footage of Richard Spencer and the rise of credibility of white nationalism with the election of Donald Trump.Hungary: The coming to power of Viktor Orbán as ruler in 2010 and his re-election campaign in 2016, which used Hungarian émigré George Soros as a personification of evil Jewish capitalism and capitalists out to rule the world.Great Britain: Jeremy Corbyn's opposition to Israel and its encouragement of anti-Semitism in the Labour Party, leading to a lot of Jews and Jewish sympathizers leaving the Labour Party and likely contributing to its overwhelming election defeat in December 2019, cited as an example of anti-Semitism on the Left that also afflicts the U.S. and other countries.France: A wave of terrorism against Jews largely by Muslim immigrants from France's former colonies in North Africa who are recruited by extremist Muslims into aligning with ISIS and other jihad groups and attack Jewish synagogues, schools, Kosher markets and Jews in their own homes, including an 87-year-old Holocaust survivor who was knifed to death in her apartment.
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