Wedding Bells (2016)

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Wedding Bells (2016)
Opis: In Manhattan, fashion designer Molly Quinn and executive chef Nick Turner were once set up by their respective best friends, couple Amy and James, but there were no romantic sparks largely in their differences. Molly's style is classic and timeless, while Nick's is modern and trendy. While Nick's style of cooking is experimenting with flavor combinations in putting together the perfect bite of food, Molly is theoretically allergic to "chef foam", she believing the two major food groups being ranch dressing and bacon, both in large quantities. Even if there were sparks, they would both probably have denied it in being afraid of commitment, albeit each for different reasons. Now in being maid of honor and best man for Amy and James, Molly and Nick have to band together to figure out a way for the wedding to happen after Amy's wealthy parents, who were to pay for the wedding, are hit with a financial crisis. Although a stretch, an alternate venue is proposed in the inn in the Berkshires owned by Nick's father, Charlie Turner. The many problems with it even as a suggestion are that: the inn has been closed ever since Nick's mother, Charlie's wife Clarissa passed away years ago, it having gone into a state of disrepair over time; the country setting does not mesh with Amy's urban sensibilities; and arguably most importantly, Nick and Charlie have long not been on speaking terms in the aftermath of Clarissa's passing. In Nick making the request regardless for his friend, Charlie does agree to let them use the inn. In the process, Molly and Nick have to handle most of the wedding planning on a shoestring as Amy and James attend to family finance business. In Molly and Nick trying to find a common ground around the style and the food for the wedding, the collective five of Molly, Nick, Amy, James and Charlie may truly come to an understand of the meaning of love, both in the familial sense as well as the romantic sense, with Molly and Nick only if they are open to allowing themselves to feel love.—Huggo
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