When Nietzsche Wept (2007)

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When Nietzsche Wept (2007)
Opis: The story begins in late 19th Century Vienna, as Doctor Josef Breuer, an eminent physician, is approached by Louise (Lou) von Salome, the young, beautiful and passionate Russian poet. She tells him of her dear friend, Friedrich Nietzsche, who is plagued by several mysterious maladies. She considers him brilliant and revolutionary, but believes if his chronic suicidal tendencies persist he will surely take his own life. Salome implores Dr. Breuer to counsel her friend with a new method he has developed and dubbed the talking cure. It will take many visits to Breuers office from the determined Salome to for the doctor to agree to take on her friends case. It doesnt help that his over zealous, protective secretary, Frau Becker, is determined to obstruct Salome and banish her from her employers life. Nevertheless, Breuer finally succumbs to her power of persuasion, no doubt in some degree due to her considerable charm.Because the poverty-ridden and proud philosopher will not accept help, Breuer devises a plan along with one of his pupils, the 26 year old intern, Siegmund Freud. Breuer pretends to be Nietzsches patient instead, while he attempts to cure Nietzsche with his talking therapy, without the philosophers knowledge. At the same time, Dr. Breuer, has problems of his own. He, too, lives in despair, plagued by insomnia, nightmares and a destructive obsession with Berthe, a former patient.Over time, the doctor becomes extremely intrigued by Nietzsche and his ideas, ultimately discovering the only way he is able to treat his patient is to face up to his own personal problems. Breuers home life has become a total burden to him. His loving, alienated wife has become a stranger to him, as have his young son and daughter. More and more, the doctor retreats to his study in the attic of his opulent home where he tends his dove cotes. One of the films central themes relates to his obsession with Berthe, and the nightmares which leave him exhausted and humiliated. These haunting fantasies are beautifully constructed, and expose the doctors troubled soul.As their mutual therapy continues, Breuers ultimate fantasy begins: freeing his beloved doves, he leaves his wife and children to begin a strange and fantastic journey into despair. Finally, drowning in a lake, he awakens from his worst nightmare yet to find he has jeopardized the things he values most. As their sessions come to an end, having delved into the basic existential concerns: death, sense of purpose, loneliness and freedom, Breuer is reunited with his emotionally estranged family who wholeheartedly welcome him back in their lives.Nietzsche, too, has been cured of his suicidal tendencies, and weeps as he embraces Breuer in farewell as he leaves Vienna to start work on his great opus, Thus Spoke Zarathustra.
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