Wild Canaries (2014)

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Wild Canaries (2014)
Opis: In Brooklyn, engaged Noah and Barri have hit a rough spot in their relationship. Their issues stem from what may be an impending mid-life crisis for thirty-six year old Noah, and financial issues partly from Barri's unemployment, which has led to them taking in a roommate, Jean, Barri's restaurant managing lesbian friend. These issues are only exacerbated by Barri and Jean contemplating going into a Barri-initiated joint venture to renovate then open and manage a resort if they can find the necessary property upstate, this proposition despite they having no money and as of yet no investors. Noah believes Jean only agreed to the proposition because she is in love with Barri herself. Although Barri states she is all right with it, another issue may be Noah working for his ex-girlfriend Eleanor in her small home-based media firm. Although Eleanor is also primarily a lesbian, she and Noah only broke up because of wanting different things in life. Noah and Barri largely get along with the other people in their rent controlled building: the Anders - successful artist Damien, his wife Annabell and their young daughter, Wren - the building owners, Damien with who Noah often plays poker; and octogenarian Sylvia, whose Floridian son Anthony often comes for visits, Anthony included within those poker games. After Sylvia passes away from what is officially listed as natural causes the result of a heart attack, Barri begins to suspect Anthony of having murdered his mother for the insurance money. Barri's feelings are largely due to what she considers Anthony's odd behavior surrounding the death and suspicious activities after the fact. While Jean supports Barri, Noah dismisses what becomes Barri's singular focus on Sylvia being murdered as sheer madness. As Barri and Jean progress with their clandestine investigation of Anthony, they begin to believe that Damien is also somehow involved. With Jean implying that yet another one of who Noah considers a friend is a murderer, their relationship may not be able to survive, that is unless they end up on the same page, which if Barri holds steadfast to her beliefs means providing Noah with more concrete proof. However, if Barri is correct, it may mean their lives are in danger.
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