You Are Here (2010)

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You Are Here (2010)
Opis: A woman feels compelled to collect all the documents she finds. With the first document that she collected, she waited to see if anyone else would claim it before she came to the conclusion that she was meant to find it when no one came to claim it. These documents come in many forms: written pieces, audio tapes, video tapes, etc. She has devised an archiving system to catalog and house all these documents in a room, she not only keeping the originals but also often transferring the information to acetate. Some of these documents are depicted. The archiving of these materials and the way she has archived them is ultimately devised for her to find some collective meaning to the documents and why she was meant to find them. What begins to happen is that she instead gets lost in the documents themselves and becomes a part of them as they begin to intersect with her the common bond. The movie is largely a dissection of the overall concepts of learning and understanding, and if what is often thought as these two items is instead humankind just doing what it is told is reality or fact.—Huggo
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