Zeitgeist (2007)

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Zeitgeist (2007)
Opis: Extremely controversial documentary split into three parts, first producing information discrediting religion, particularly Christianity through showing the similarities of major religious figures. Basically says that each all civilization had its share of "Gods" who had the same basic traits" Born of virgin", "on Dec 25th", "Crucified", "Dead for 3 days", "ressurected", "birth foretold "by star of the east", "welcomed by 3 kings". The documentary claims that the Sun & the zodiac is the common denominator in all these stories. The Sun can be located by tracing the Sirius (Star of the East) & the 3 stars of the Orion's belt (The 3 Kings). As the Sun moves from winter solstice to summer, it does not change its position in the sky for 3 days (Dec 23, 24, & 25) & in this time lies below the Southern Cross (Crucified & dead), & on Dec 25, moves 1 degree north ( thereby signaling rebirth). The 12 disciples are simply the 12 signs of the zodiac that the sun "travels" in. The "Ages" are nothing but the 2150 yr cycle in which the sun "rises" in a particular zodiac. BC 2150 to Ad 1 was the age of bull & 1-2150 of Pisces, 2150 AD-4300 yrs of Aquarius. The "Ages" reference is simply to the cycle in which the story was written. Furthermore proven links between the bible & the ancient Egyptian religion (Jesus's story is a copy of the story of Egyptian Sun God Horus). The Christian religion is a parody of the worship of the sun, with Christ in place of the sun, & adoration paid to him originally meant for the sun.Part 2 describes the problems with what was told to us about the events surrounding Sept. 11 and and provides evidence to show who the writers believe really was responsible for the attacks. 19 hijackers, 6 of them were found to be actually alive. FBI has simulated use of commercial airliners into WTC & pentagon. This was contrary to official claims that no prior knowledge of use of commercial planes as missiles. 100K $ transfer from ISI to hijackers. George Bush is a family friend of the Ladens. No direct evidence linking Bin Laden to 911. Bush worked for the Carlyle group, major defense contractor. No wreckage of a plane found at the Pentagon site or the Shankville sites. But bodies were found. WTC collapsed in 10 seconds. Theory is that pre-planted explosives were used to demolish the towers after the planes had hit. Molten metal was found at the site 6 weeks later, result of Thermite explosives being used to weaken the WTC foundation. WTC tower 7 collapsed at 5:45 pm with all the hallmarks of a controlled demolition. Fire cannot & has never demolished a building. NORAD could not scramble jets to intercept the errant planes for 80 mins. They were deliberately confused by multiple training exercises the same day simulating hijacking of aircraft. Bush & Cheney refused to appear before the 911 commission separately. They appeared together, no recording or transcript was allowed. 911 commissioner was a friend of G W Bush. The London attacks that followed also had a training exercise going on the same day, with the exact same bombing scenario, with the same targets, at the same time. In fact the 911 was orchestrated by US govt to invade Iraq at the behest of the war industry.The third part deals with banks and resulting theories of World leaders plans to create one world bank. Also touches on the people responsible for the Great Depression. A central banks prints money & controls the interest rates for the entire economy. It is controlled by Bankers & its sole purpose is to convert the property of the entire nation into debt, as it "loans" the money to the public & the government at interest. US started is independence by having no central bank, but in 1907 JP Morgan perpetuated a crisis with rumors that a bank was insolvent. This caused a run & created a crisis. In response the congress passed the Fed Act, which was secretly
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